Welcome to denver!

Jonathan —

Traveling with you is one of my favorite things to do together. I like how we walk at least 10 miles, try different restaurants and get to spend the night together without Bobo, Napoleon and Penny. Even though it is a work trip I hope you take the time to enjoy exploring the city, breath in the fresh air and try some vegan food! I looked up all the local ice cream places, many only had one or two vegan flavors. (There is no MagPie’s in Denver.) I researched a lot of vegan restaurants and thought these would be places we would enjoy trying together. Maybe you will have time check out at least one of them!

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.34.29 PM.png
  • City, O’ City – Their poutine looks so good. Their menu looks like it has a little bit of everything, their burgers sound good. Online delivery available through DoorDash. 1.5 miles from hotel

  • Watercourse Foods – This would be my alternative to City, O’ City and happens to be their sister restaurant. Online delivery available through DoorDash. 1.5 miles from hotel

  • Beet Box – From-scratch vegan bakery! If you want to grab a croissant to go with your coffee in the morning this would be the place to go. 1.5 miles from hotel. 0.6 mile from Watercourse Foods.

— Olivia