Wedding photographer in north carolina & michigan

Photographs with meaning.
Insights that will make your experience easy.
An approach with style, vision and purpose. 

Your moments are what we care most about. So, our fine-tuned approach sustains your story with an enduring aesthetic and an environment that invites you to settle in.

within the experience

Thoughtful efficiency.
Impactful emotions.
Insights for sustainability.

This is your story we’re telling, channeling a calm and poised energy while leveraging our experience on your behalf. 

Family dynamics, locations, lighting, timelines — it’s all in our repertoire, and yet, customized for each and every couple.

wedding photographer in
raleigh, NC & Birmingham, MI

I'm Olivia Wenzel

Editorial photographer & educator documenting well-designed experiences.

Inspired by your admiration for one another. Mindful of cultural traditions — from around the world, and your family. Often walking 8+ miles to sightsee and find the best “vegan food near me” that a search can offer. 

Vegan, dog person, minimalist. Every day includes a pack walk with my partner and our three dogs. I spent most of my childhood in South Korea and eventually moved to Michigan where I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and began my photography career. My team and I travel often between the Carolinas and Michigan — appreciative of Carolina’s more subtle winters and Michigan’s lake scenery. You can also catch me on the tennis court — I grew up playing violin and piano, but always wanted to learn tennis.

An Art of 

We build legacies and yet, leave no trace. Within our work, you’ll find that every decision is made with a conscious intention to be kind to animals and to our planet.

You’ll notice a few subtle differences as we work together. From nylon camera straps to custom album covers made out of vegan suede leather, in addition to declining events in which animals are used for entertainment (with the exception of dogs who are quite evidently well taken care of when invited into your wedding party).

To put it simply, we serve you well while walking an eco-friendly path.

Known For

to checklists, so nothing is left to chance. 

Precision, from tailored (realistic) timeline 

Cutting out cliches -

original stories are our favorite.

Resourcefulness, because being quick to act

makes your experience seamless.

Thorough understanding of composition,

storytelling, detail and family dynamics.

Supported By

Dedicated photographers who maintain a clean, editorial style.

Grateful to have the creative and kind contributions from a team that has taken years to build. Our photography partners have the opportunity to do what they love while we provide you with a thought-out experience from beginning to end. 

Savor These Moments Again, And Again.

Enjoy a collection of elegant photographs that are remarkably in tune with your story.

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