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Photography Mentorships For The Service-Hearted & Artistically-Minded

As a wedding photographer, you’re responsible for curating an experience that helps your couples feel like their best selves. From there, the photographs will outlive you, and inspire generations. It’s empowering, and yet, there are many possible detours and discoveries as you carve out your own approach — from your editing style to the client experience and more. Here, you’ll find a personalized photography mentorship program that is filled with service, artistry and sustainable practices for photographers with 2-4 years of experience.

About Olivia,
Your Photography Educator

Using a wealth of industry knowledge, Olivia Wenzel’s educational approach is appreciated for its simplicity and artistic empowerment. A commitment to operate thoughtfully and with a core purpose has built her a sustainable brand that is loved and trusted by many.

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"She’s my go to person for anything wedding photography related"

I learned so much from Olivia and so grateful to have her a mentor. She’s my go to person for anything wedding photography related.

— kasia



3 Month Subscription

60 minute virtual kick off call 

60 minutes of virtual mentoring, used in 15 minute increments at your discretion (per quarter)

unlimited slack communication

monthly virtual co-working sessions with olivia

350 per month
945 one time payment

pay monthly or save 10% by paying in full

Three months of feedback and mentorship tailored to your specific needs. Including a kickoff call (to set goals and better understand who you are and what you’re really looking for), weekly accountability check-ins, ongoing Voxer access — or voice messages — to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, develop solutions and more.

personalized quarterly plan

accountability: weekly check-ins

Quarterly 1:1 Mentorship Subscription For Photographers

The Philosophy Of This Photography Mentorship Program

The Act Of Creating,
Making It Yours

With photography, from the initial weight of the lens in your hands to the final polished edits you send off, you’re creating artwork that will be held close for generations. There is nothing else like the feeling of creating something that is your own — truly. This mentorship will help you do just that.

You deserve to have the knowledge required to produce highly-valued images, book weddings that you’re proud of and to ultimately run your business not just successfully, but with balance.


A Fresh Take On Mentorship, Made For Photographers Like You 


A personalized approach, built around the needs of your business and portfolio. Only what you need, nothing you don’t.


Continued and comprehensive accountability, at the ideal length of just 3 months. No more one-and-done sessions that leave you with more questions than answers. 


Readily available resources, directly available from the toolkit of a wedding photographer who has learned directly from industry innovators.


The full picture, from workflow fixes to curating your portfolio and reaching quarterly goals for your business, we will select the specific area of your brand that needs to be addressed (with the exception of legal and tax advice).

A Closer Look At The Quarterly Subscription

Signature onboarding questionnaire for a comprehensive overview of your business

1 hour kickoff call to review your objectives and desired results, setting the tone for your mentorship

Weekly check-ins and unlimited support and feedback via Slack for continuous accountability

60 minutes of virtual mentorship used at your discretion in 15 minute increments

Honest and actionable instruction for ways to improve your business right now 

Valuable add-on's only available through a subscription such as in-person shadowing.

15% discount and first dibs on in-person workshops

Interested in Becoming An Associate?

How To Become An Associate For Olivia Wenzel


You’re recommended by a trusted connection with a similar approach, or you’ve successfully completed 3 months of photography mentorship program dedicated to Associate shooting.


You have a minimum of 3 years experience as a full-time wedding photographer, complete with your own business and licensure.


You share a similar photographic method and business values, prioritizing editorial styles and exceptional service.


You’ve completed a series of in-person training sessions with Olivia to align standard practices and procedures, including an equipment list review.


Above all, you feel a sense of dedication for capturing weddings efficiently and with unparalleled attention to detail, all for elevated results and meaningful imagery.

The Unexpected Parallels

From Violinist To Photographer

Teaching others is not new to Olivia. She spent years teaching violin, and sees many parallels to photography that she now applies as an educator. For both, the results are rooted in the preparation. With violin, it was being aware of how you stood, pointing your toes the right way and perfecting every placement all before the first note was ever played. She helps photographers feel just as intentional and poised, equipped to work with their ideal clients, and to feel at ease stepping into any photographic situation.

Calling on years of teaching experience and creative expression to deliver unique and applicable insights. Striving for technical perfection while infusing artistic connection.

From Your Photography Educator

You Are Seen

Knowing firsthand the immeasurable highs and lows of entrepreneurship — and the fulfillment that comes from it all — I know you have poured heart and soul into your work. I understand the courage it takes to recognize the need for chance, to ask for advice and look for a new perspective. For that, a heartfelt thank you — and brava! — are in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this photography mentorship program for?

Our program and creative guidance is best suited for wedding photographers with 2-4 years of experience in the industry who are hoping to fine-tune their craft.

What is the scope of this program? What aspects of my business will this address?

Almost everything. Depending on your specific needs and goals as a photographer and entrepreneur, this program addresses vital pieces of your business like wedding timelines, your website, posing techniques, RAW image review after a wedding, fine-tuning client experiences and so much more. For financial or legal advice, we’ll gladly point you to our favorite resources — all personally vetted and loved by Olivia. 

Can you help me figure out what to focus on?

Yes! This is one of the key benefits, and is how your mentorship will begin. Your business audit will give us a general direction, and we’ll use your first official mentorship call to clarify the priorities and select the items that will really move the needle for you.

This is exactly what I need, how do I start?

Incredible! Simply fill out your application. We will review and respond with availability and enrollment details. You can typically plan on your mentorship beginning at the next quarter. We cannot wait to meet you, and learn more about what you’re working on in your business (and to show you how we can help).

apply for quarter 2 (April to June)

Get the insights and techniques developed by a wedding photographer who strives to be as efficient as possible while curating a delightfully well-rounded experience for clients. All shared with your creative preferences in mind.

Feel Good, With A Photography Mentorship Program Insistent On Doing Good By You